The projects below are broken up by type ranging from my digital projects to my academic writings.


Mapping Violence Data Collection Application

A full-stack web application that enables humanities research to collect and store unstructured data on the acts of violence against Mexicans and Mexican Americans.

Mapping Violence Visualization Prototype

An interactive visualization of the narratives of loss of Mexicans and Mexican Americans at the hands of the Texas Rangers.

Database of Indigenous Slavery in the Americas

A full-stack project from the Center of Digital Scholarship that allows for the collection of data surrounding enslaved indigenous persons in North and South America circa 1300 to 1500.

Academic Writing

The Question(s) of Success:
Understanding Racialized Conceptions of Success in Mexican and Jewish Acculturation

A comparative analysis and close reading of George Washington Gomez by Chicano author Americo Paredes and The Rise of David Levinsky by Jewish immigrant Abraham Cahan.

Higher Education Administration

Rebuilding the Residential Council

A description of my work in rebuilding and chairing the Residential Council of Brown University.