About Me

My story begins in Northern Minnesota on the shores of Lake Superior. I was raised for the next 17 and a half years there. My childhood and adolscent years were marked by a passion for mathematics, physics, and finance, wanting to grow up to be a cosmologist (not cosmetologist). In elementary school, I carried around an Algebra for Dummies book as well as Physics Demystified, accelerating my academics. This fervent academic passion continued, and I skipped 8th grade. I expanded my interests beyond academics, however. In my junior year of high school, I auditioned for a school play. I was cast as the loyal assistant to Caldwell B. Cladwell in Urinetown: The Musical. Following that, I was involved in every production until I graduated. My academic interests likewise expanded, and my senior spring was composed of exclusively classes in law, philosophy, and acting.

In the summer of 2015, I worked with other Progressive Duluthians to found Twin Ports for Change. I wrote the bylaws and prepared FEC fillings. The organization over the coming months would transform into the Duluth branch of Our Revolution MN. Through this experience, I have read through the entirity of federal campaign finance law and regulations, as well as writing extensively on Citizens United v. FEC and campaign finance regulation.

As the leaves began changing, I packed up and partially said goodbye to the cold and moved to Providence, Rhode Island to start college at Brown University. I am now entering my final semester and finishing my degrees in Ethnic Studies and Computer Science. Reaching this conclusion has been anything but straightforward. In my first year, I took 10 classes in 10 different departments. I finally found my passion, though: using computer science to further policy and the humanities.

My undergraduate research focused on Latinx Studies, Border Studies, Literary Theory, and Political Theory. I first became interested after I worked with Professor Monica Martinez on her Mapping Violence Project in 2016. I led the technical team as we built a data collection web application and prototype visualization. The former allowed the archival researchers (including the members of the technical team) to enter in a consistent form unstructured data on the acts of violence against Mexicans and Mexican Americans. The latter we specifically designed to be conscious of the various type of users who have very different understandings of these narratives of violence. This summer sparked my interest in Ethnic Studies, and the following semester I registered for Introduction to Ethnic Studies. After that class, I knew what I wanted to study. Since then, I have investigated Latin and Central American migration and policy effects thereof, analyzed cultural literary production of Chicano and Jewish authors, and built a similar data collection application for indigenious slavery in the Americas.

Throughout my time at Brown, I also developed another passion: higher education administration. I have taken on numerous leadership positions and been involved on several councils. I served as Director of Communications (Spring 2018) and Co-Chair (Fall 2018) of Greek Council, working to bring two new organizations onto campus and work with our 14 organizations to develop a new mission statement. I further rebuilt and chaired (Spring 2018 - Spring 2019) the Residential Council during a substantial turnover in staff in the Office of Residential Life. During Spring 2018, we were down to two members. I led a campaign, in collaboration with the Undergraduate Concil of Students, to recruit more members. By Fall 2018, we had a full council with 16 members. I also served on the Information Technology Advisory Board and the Undergraduate Library Advisory Board, providing feedback on the experiences of undergraduates.

I have volunteered with Generation Citizen and STEMS (Swearer Teaching and Enrichment for Math and Sciences). In my first semester, I worked with an 8th-grade class at Slater Middle School in Pawtucket, RI. I taught twice weekly and gave students the tools to lead an anti-bullying campaign.

I relax by travelling and going on spontaneous road trips (maps), and drinking a lot of coffee and tea. I am also an urbanist who loves infrastructure, specifically bridges.

I am a trans woman who proudly stands with all marginalized groups.