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Historian and computer scientist
Political and technological
Writer and activist


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My Interests

Latinx Cultural Production and Border Studies

My undergraduate research area was in the politics and racial identity formation of Latinx and Mexican people along the U.S-Mexico border. I’ve written about Latinx Cultural Production more broadly and have been involved in several projects related to studying these narratives. Check out my projects above to see some examples.

Higher Education Administration

I’ve participated in several councils and boards related to Student Services and Campus Life. I led both the Residential Council and Greek Council, as well as participated as an attendee to the Student Affairs Leaders of Tomorrow (SALT) Conference as part of NASPA’s Region I 2019 Annual Conference. I’m passionate about improving access to higher education and empowering student activism on campuses.

Politics and Civic Participation

My first concrete involvement occured in the Summer of 2015 when I helped found Twin Ports for Change (later becoming the Duluth, MN branch of Our Revolution) and served as the inaugural treasurer and FEC respondant. Since then, I have worked on a RI State Senate election campaign, and regularly follow Congressional news and executive department decisions.

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